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1975 Honda CR125 Elsinore FMF Racer

vintage factory


Scott Steger - Man Behind Vintage Factory

Welcome to Vintage Factory!  My Name Is Scott Steger.  I started riding in 1970 on my Honda Mini-trail 50.  My dad was a riverboat captain, and was away six months out of the year.  If I was going to ride, and eventually race, I had to learn to work on the bikes myself, and I did.   I've since been restoring MX bikes since I quit racing in 1981.  I would buy my buddies old bikes, and fix them up for a few bucks.  I kept on building, and restoring until it became nostalgic in the early 90's to race, or have a bike like you had, or wanted in your youth.  I worked in the MX Industry in So. California in the 80's, honing my skills.  I started companies Phase Five Racing during the 80's, Red Racer during the 90's.  Since I've built, and restored hundreds of bikes, working with some of the biggest names in MX History, like Team Honda's Marty Smith, and building for such customers as Mechanix Wear, and other customers all over the planet.  Check our site often for new products, stories, and the latest info on what's happening at the Vintage Factory!

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